Understanding VoIP

What is VoIP?

SIPsys is a hosted VoIP platform which provides cost effective and proven telephone services over DSL.

  • We provide businesses of any size with cost effective communication which is feature rich and typically 40% cheaper than the larger carriers BT etc.
  • Your telephone is still your main point of contact with your customers, with auto answering and direction, music/message on hold, voicemail to email as standard, no call will not be answered.
  • Should a disaster happen and you lose services to your office, we can divert your inbound calls to another number/numbers in minutes.
  • If you work from home, the phone will still be part of your system. Also all calls between your extensions are free, anywhere in the world.
  • We have customers with branches in France, Spain, Italy, Holland and Brazil.
  • No boxes on site, no annual maintenance charges, annual contracts, after the first year only 30 day termination period.
  • You own your telephone number which can be moved with you anywhere in the world for life.
  • Having a new promotion? No problem! We can plan a route to enable an agency to take up call volumes for you or add a new number for your promotion for a week.
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calls on a single line, no more customers saying you're always engaged!
  • Our call costs are up to 50% cheaper in most cases. National landlines £0.01.5p per minute, Mobiles £0.08p per minute, Europe from £0.02p per minute.

Other Services we provide:

  • DSL testing - we know what your bandwidth and true wire speed should be using our diagnostic tools.
  • With the increasing use of smart phones/tablets in the office environment your internal wireless network can quickly become overloaded. Also adjacent offices/companies could upgrade their wireless system and cause major problems to yours!
  • We have a range of diagnostic test equipment to analyse and fix RFI/EMI problems, correctly position Wireless Access Points. Ongoing, the wireless system should report any problems it has.
  • We use the Ubiquity wireless system, which can be used in all private and commercial premises to boost performance internally and externally. With web based reporting it is a truly manageable system.
  • Advice on your data cabling, performance testing, network switches, Poe etc, advice and set up routers.
  • We can provide a finance package to help spread the costs of new phones, the money you will save by installing a new VoIP system means the ROI is in the first year in many cases.
  • Our speciality is VoIP, SIPsys has been incorporated since 2006 and one of the first VoIP platforms in the UK. We specialise in VoIP and so are able to give the dedicated support needed.
  • Ask your new or existing VoIP provider do they provide onsite engineering support? The common reply to a fault is that it's your broadband connection, or we will send you a replacement phone for you to plug in. We are different at SIPsys and provide onsite support to get to the bottom of the problem quickly and efficiently.

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