Call Centre Packages

VoIP for Call Centres

SIPsys can provide fully functional agent call centre systems. These can range from four agents to hundreds. The cost of this service is far below that of big brand providers.

Utilizing our PABX software means there is no need for expensive equipment and licenses. We provide a resilient server on site with remote backup systems.

All the services you would expect from a call centre package - IVR introductions and routing, wall boards and extensive reporting.

Most call centres are unique and need bespoke services to enable the best experience possible for their customers. With our partner Bicom we are able to provide your unique requirement and build your service with you, safe in the knowledge you have a UK company supporting you.

With the many ACDs built and supported by Bicom worldwide, we are sure our existing platform will support your needs, with little or no need to write bespoke routing tables etc.

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What is VoIP?

What is VoIP?

SIPsys is a hosted VoIP platform which provides cost effective and proven telephone services over DSL. We provide any size business with cost effective communication which is feature rich and typically 40% cheaper than the larger carriers BT etc.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

VoIP works by utilising SIP trunks, the trunk connects via broadband/internet using IP packets, these packets work the same way as data packets. The voice element is contained within the data packet.

How it works



Not everyone is familiar with how a VoIP system works so check out our list of FAQs to answer any questions you may have or alternatively, contact us and we will do our best to help.

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