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VoIP is an internet based service similar to Skype - the difference is the Quality Of Service (QOS). This is needed to offer a stable telephone service to users. Voice services are important to customers as the first point of contact for sales, marketing and customer service.

In the past 4 years, as VoIP has grown, it really has only been stable for the last 2 years, hence all the major carriers will not offer the service, although most actually use a hybrid service. Using broadband and PSTN connections and adaptors on telephone handsets.

Users still have to have a box (PBX) to allow extension to extension transfers, hunt groups and call groups. Voice mail, call forwarding and diverting calls would all be an extra cost.

Dependant on how many lines used the user normally has to use multiple circuits at an extra cost, even using ISDN 30 multi channel. All this adds to the monthly costs.

Using VoIP the customer only needs a broadband connection. It is recommended to use 2 broadband connections: one for internet and one for VoIP. This setup allows a better QOS. Most users do not realise up/down loading large files slows down the broadband service.

The Key Advantages to using VoIP over traditional PSTN PBX Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN)

A traditional PBX system uses multiple incoming lines which are used to make inbound and outbound calls. The PBX is sited on the customer premises and maintained by a provider. The costs to support this system will typically be PSTN connection, DDI lines per month and maintenance for the PBX. Should the customer have branches, the same cost would apply to each branch of the business.

A VoIP system uses a broadband connection. The connection can have as many inbound and outbound DDI numbers as needed, dependant on traffic. The SIPsys IP PBX is remote, therefore no matter how many branches or out workers the client only uses one PBX, saving multiple maintenance costs. A remote IP PBX also allows all branches to be extensions to the main office with no costs for calls between extensions. These extensions can be anywhere in the world.

With VoIP there are no geographical boundaries - any DDI number can be used any where and this includes international numbers. BT and all the other major carriers are bound by the local exchange for DDI numbers and do not move numbers to other exchanges.

The monthly cost for each handset (not including the IP telephone handset) is £8.99 per month. This cost is for the connection to the SIPsys IP PBX, and covers the IP PBX functions, help desk and software upgrades and management of extension costs. Don’t forget, all extension to extension call traffic has no charge. This can typically be up to 60% of users traffic.

The SIPsys IP PBX is a feature rich system offering far more features than the old PBX systems and most other providers. The IP telephone handset also offers the user all the features of a top of the range telephone handset, typically more features including visibility of call traffic, waiting inbound and outbound.

VoIP services offer a number of service levels

Vonage, a large provider, and one of the oldest, offers IP handsets that have to be purchased, and a call bundle price for £8.99 per month. This service has no PBX functions and is based in Canada - support is very weak.

The other VoIP route is a managed service. SIPsys is one of a few providers that have their own platform. The SIPsys IP PBX platform has more features than most. The key advantage is we do not charge for the user to use most of the features. All others charge for every bit of their service. They start off on a low entry price and then add on the services, all on a monthly tariff.

All VoIP managed services companies use different tariffs and offers that seem to be cheaper. However, when all the charges are put together they are all more expensive than the SIPsys offering.

Typical bills

BT business

  • 4 Handsets in one office, one off £3-400.00
  • Manage service limited PBX function £30.00 per month
  • Purchase PBX one off £2,000.00, £20.00 per month Maintenance
  • DDI lines £2.00 each per month
  • Fixed line rental from £15.00-£100 per month each, dependant on how many lines used
  • Call tariffs, typically .02p per minute local, up to .05p national, mobile .14p per minute


  • 4 Handsets in one office, one off from £65-105.00 each, there after £8.99 each per month
  • DDI lines £1.80 each per month
  • Set up system one off from £250.00
  • Site install one off from £275.00
  • Fixed line rental from £15.00 per month for broadband connection
  • Broad band Business connection Average cost £45.00 per month

Call tariffs, typically .01 per minute local, .01p national, International from .02p per minute, mobile .08p per minute.

A typical customer can easily achieve a saving of over 50% on their bills. This can be considerably more, of course, dependant on traffic.

SIPsys are currently the cheapest service on the VoIP market. We will, in due course, move the monthly extension costs to £8.99 this year, in fact 3 new customers have already been quoted this tariff.

With our market research, we could charge more for the extensions. Most VoIP providers are not on the end of the phone, have limited support functions and can take up to 2 days to make changes.

SIPsys are at the end of the phone and can supply a fix within the hour in most cases. We pride ourselves on always keeping the customer informed.

We have recently purchased a probe which monitors all our call traffic from end to end.

This allows us to see where and when a call has broken down. A customer can get in touch with us quoting the phone number, and the day and time the call failed. We will see from the probe information exactly where the problem is and can inform the customer. Should it be an ISP fault, we will supply screen shots for them to show their ISP.

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