Our VoIP Products

VoIP Products

Hosted Systems

Hosted Systems

In this option, the VoIP handsets are connected via the internet to the hosted platform where all services are configured for each customer. There is no need to maintain a PBX box at your office.

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Key Systems

Key Systems

We offer a resilient server based unit for customers who still want a box on site to control the telephone system. The operating system can be administered from the site or remotely.

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VoIP Phones

We have a range of handsets available from a variety of manufacturers, all high quality and feature rich.

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Need a new WiFi installation? We can survey your premises and advise the best solution for you, taking into account physical and wireless interference using our diagnostic tools.

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Call Centres

VoIP forCall Centres

SIPsys can provide fully functional agent call centre systems. These can range from four agents to hundreds. The cost of this service is far below that of big brand providers.

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VoIP for Schools

VoIP for Education

SIPsys has introduced a new service to support schools. We have recently set up new virtual servers and software with new licenses which enables us to give a discounted monthly cost.

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