Benefits of VoIP

Business Benefits of VoIP

Reduce Costs


The capital expenses that come hand in hand with a traditional system are completely removed as you pay on a per user, per month basis.

Further savings can be made by replacing ISDN/BT lines. VoIP utilizes ADSL, in most cases your existing router will be capable.

Unlimited inbound and out bound calls. No extra charges for multi pule lines and unpredictable monthly call charges.

With fixed monthly charges and up to 50% cheaper call tariffs, the ROI can quickly be achieved.

Anywhere Business


Hosted phone systems are accessible in any location where there is an internet connection. Business can literally happen wherever you are.

This reduces the expense of hefty travel costs, whilst also making your employees completely accessible from anywhere in the UK, Europe or even the world.

Utilizing VoIP allows calls between branch offices/home for Free!

Scalable and Flexible VoIP

and Flexible

We understand that businesses expand and decrease in size all the time, especially at different times of the year.

Whether you have two or 50,000 employees, hosted PBX phone systems are quicker and cheaper to add and remove staff. We can easily tailor our software to match your daily requirements.

Add a new temporary number for a promotion, direct all calls to a new department.

Business Continuity


‘Hosted’ from a safe and secure data centre, we can set up contingency plans in advance so if the worst should occur, calls can be quickly redirected to other lines, including mobile telephones.

As it is a software-based solution, you are not at risk with failure or external connections to on-site equipment.

Easy Management


Because hosted systems are administered using a web-based interface, you needn’t worry about having to get your IT department to fix or alter your system, freeing them up to complete and administer more pressing issues.

We manage your system for you and any changes can be made in minutes rather than days.

Users can forward calls to a mobile number or change their voicemail directly on their phone.

Future Proof VoIP


Why build something on site that you don’t need? We can now outsource our systems yet use them in the same way.

With a hosted PBX you receive annual upgrades for life meaning that you are always on the most technologically advanced system on the market.

Consultative Approach


We work alongside many office phone system providers giving us the ultimate snapshot of the market, ensuring that we will always find the solution best for your business.

We can advise on your current network for suitability to implement your new VoIP system, and any other network services you may need.

Unified Communications


Choosing a hosted phone system converges data with voice and brings you one step closer to unifying all your communications for optimum productivity and easier management.