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About SIPsys

SIPsys Ltd was formed in 2005 and was one of the first companies to have a hosted IP PBX platform in the UK. Originally based in Hampshire we quickly secured new customers on to our platform, unfortunately in those days QOS (Quality Of Service) was not applied to old ADSL routers.

The lack of QOS lead to VoIP being labelled as unreliable, SIPsys had to start fitting up graded routers to compensate, ADSL was being rolled out by BT however it was not that stable and latency issues caused problems with VoIP.

The Managing Director decided to move SIPsys to Kent in 2010, at the same time changing carriers, upgraded software and hosting services. We restructured and secured a new Operations Director with new back office, helpdesk and engineering resource. SIPsys are well placed as one of the most experienced VoIP platforms and services in the UK.

Fortunately most of the problems have now been fixed and VoIP has been a stable platform for the past 3 years. With the roll out of BT’s national CN21 network to most exchanges, VoIP will take the place of traditional voice services over the next 3 years.

With SIPsys you will enjoy a friendly, relaxed help desk, support when you need it and most fixes are applied in minutes not days! We are one of a handful of IP PBX platforms in the UK - most other companies are resellers of a platform, with little or no site engineering back up.

We pride ourselves with our expertise in the VoIP field, diagnostic equipment to check your Broadband, network, cabling and Wifi. We will make your VoIP system work while others may just offer a new phone or blame your broadband when things go wrong.

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